Training fees

Our training year divides into three four-month training seasons:

– Spring Period (January – April; indoor training)

– Summer Period (May- August; outdoor training)

– Autumn Period (September – December; indoor training)

The fees are seasonal and vary depending on the amount of training subjects you choose. Training fees do not cover special courses, which have separate charges indicated on sign-up forms. Contact for more info!

The available training subjects are as follows:

1) Bare-hand Chen 83, Yilu

2) Bare-hand Chen 71, Erlu

3) Chen sword form

4) Chen broadsword form


New members, please register yourself using our web-form or by emailing your whole name, email and address to

Support members: A private person or a community valid before the law may become a support member by paying the support membership fee of 50 € or more.

Insurance. The Association does not provide the member students with insurance against accidents. Everyone is personally responsible for insuring themselves. Check with your insurance company whether your insurance covers injuries caused by martial arts and take such an insurance that you find necessary.


Family members, students, pensioners and the unemployed enjoy a 25% discount, persons under 18 years get a 50% discount.

Training charges depend on how many training subjects you have selected. Contact for more info!

If there are pauses in the training due to Guilin Taijiquan ry, the monthly training charges will are lowered proportionally to the length of the pause.

Payment methods

All payments are made to the Guilin Taijiquan Association’s account NORDEA 130930-214841 (IBAN: FI86 1309 3000 2148 41) or in cash or with “motion vouchers” or ”culture vouchers” (Smartum, Luottokunta Virikeseteli, Sporttipassi) during the training classes.

The first training session for new trainees is always a free of charge trial. One-time fee for visitors is 15 € per session.

Welcome to try out taiji!