About the association


Joining the basic training classes does not require any former training in sports. Everyone who accepts the rules of Guilin Taijiquan can become a member.

Guilin Taijquan organizes training in different taiji skills during all seasons of the year. In the training classes, the most experienced and advanced students of master Liu are the teachers.

We train indoors during Spring and Autumn periods, outdoors in the summer. Several training locations are used in various places around Helsinki. The trainees may select a location best suited to them or train in several different locations.

Course schedules, locations and times are shown under the link “Schedules” in the upper address bar.

During the summer period, we train outdoors close to the sea. The summer period provides an easy way to become familiar with different taiji styles without immediate long-term commitment. Summer period course schedules, locations and times are shown under the link “Schedules” in the upper address bar.


The Association arranges both in summer and winter training camps, each devoted to the training of different aspects of taiji.


The highest authority of the Chen style taiji practiced in Guilin Taijiquan Association is Grand Master Ma Hong, who lives permanently in China.

Master Liu Shaohua is a disciple of Grand Master Ma Hong. During 2002 – 2009 he worked as the chief instructor of Guilin Taijiquan. He now lives in Guilin, China and occationally visits Finland to give further instructions to his Finnish students.

The most advanced students of master Liu, Martti Nevalainen, Anu Nevalainen and John Hacklin are the teachers in all training sessions organized by Guilin Taijiquan.